Monthly Archives: March 2013

In Defense of Lobbying

A great editorial was brought to our attention by our friends at the American League of Lobbyists. Its author, Ashley Land, is a junior at the University of Georgia who is interning at a state-lobbying firm called GeorgiaLink Public Affairs Group. Much like MW Capitol’s Paul Miller, Ms. Land believes that lobbying is a necessary […]

Washington Post Reports Government Shutdown Unlikely; Sequester Remains in Place

Washington Post Reports Government Shutdown Unlikely; Sequester Remains in Place With news last night that the Senate passed its version of the continuing resolution (CR), it looks increasingly likely that the government will be able to continue to operate without interruption. Commentary from members of the House indicate that the bill should have no problem […]

Subcommittee on Highways and Transit Examines Progress on MAP-21

The House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit held its first hearing of the 113th Congress on Thursday, titled “Implementing MAP-21: Progress Report from the U.S. DOT Modal Administrators.” Witnesses included Administrators David Strickland (NHTSA), Victor Mendez (FHWA), Peter Rogoff (FTA), and Anne Ferro (FMCSA). As the hearing title suggests, each administrator was there to update […]

Why Are We Debating the Gas Tax?

There has been a lot of news recently about transportation funding. Virginia’s legislature has passed a transportation plan that has provoked both outrage and praise. Not to be outdone, Maryland’s governor has announced his own plan, which is projected to raise $3.4 billion in five years. In states across the country, the story is much […]